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Summer pics scans

Summer pics scans should arrive today!

Since I started shooting film I always scanned my images. First times, I used to print pics in paper and then scan them with a desktop multifuncion printer. Results weren’t very appealing although some of those pics are among my most populars works here on Tumblr. That was an inefficient approach and quite expensive.

Then I learned about Carmencita. This company is a film lab located in Valencia (Spain) and serves high quality film developing and scans. I noticed that they receive works from many Europe countries, so if you shoot film, give it a try.

September 22, 2014

León (Spain). April 2012.
September 21, 2014

Violeta. Madrid (Spain). Mar 2014
September 20, 2014

Violeta after waking up, Foz (Spain). Summer 2013
September 19, 2014

Boal (Spain). Dec 2013.
September 18, 2014

Shots from the moving car to Babia (Spain). February 2014.
September 17, 2014

Juan Arbués studio. Gijón (Spain). November 2012.
September 16, 2014

I got interviewed at Get it on the neg blog

September 16, 2014